Method of making homemade TV antenna
       Major diameter with two 10mm, length 85mm tubes.Angle between the two heads 90 , with the screws A, B-side fixed to the insulating plate D, L strengthen the fixed insulating tube.In charge of the welding of each fixed 6 14cm of branch length, branch angle and head for the 45 .In A, B-side feed line with a 300 cited under, and through 300/75 impedance converter plug in the TV. Cans of the installation method is: pop the lid up and down a hole, and then set in the branch pipe, and can be fixed with a little child. When used, the direction of the antenna towards the TV station level or no obstacles placed in the top of the building's height, and then watching TV while adjusting the antenna position (orientation), transferred to the best position fixed.The antenna of 1 - Channel 38 has a better reception.

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