Longyou Xiangwei Electronic Co., Ltd. ¡ª¡ª is located in the midwest of zhejiang province, important transport hub of the connect the Jiangxi, Anhui and Fujian three provinces, known as the "four province thoroughfares collects to Longyou" known. Zhejiang-Jiangxi electrified railway, 320 national road, 46 province road and 50 province road crisscross, the Hang-Jin-Qu highway, LongLi highway and Hang-Xin-Jing three highways collects to Longyou, built in county-level first city circle lines in Zhejiang provice, traffic location advantages into economic development advantages.
The company was established in 2002, Is a technology development and production of various types of power adapter Manufacturers£¬ After years of development and practice is now fully into the market the main products are: linear power supply £¬regulated power supply£¬ switch power adapter £¬Microcomputer electronic control panel and other products
In the intense market competition, our based on honesty, the customer supreme principle, to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance and preferential price of the electronic products. Meanwhile, we will continue to perfect the after-sale service system, make the customers to buy relieved and used reassurance. In the future, we will continue provide high-quality of products and services to you, and try to become practitioners and leaders of the Quzhou area DElectronic Business in the new century.
        Based on first-class quality, first-class service, low prices and fast delivery is our company developing rapidly, and look forward to cooperation with you and common development!

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